DUBiUM is the pseudonym of a visual artist from Ottawa, Canada. He has been working as a sculptor, illustrator, graphic designer and painter for the past 15 years. Tired of the limited visibility and exposure of “gallery” work, DUBiUM is now taking on a new street art/graffiti project intended to reach a broader audience.  With a mixture of images, sculptures and installations, DUBiUM tries to bring attention not only to the state of the environment and the food system but also to human behaviour in modern society. 

The DUBiUM Empty Head has 3 different meanings: 

Meaning # 1 
The DUBiUM Empty Head represents most of us to some degree.  He represents us in the decisions we make, in the way we consume and in the way we live our lives.  The Empty Head Man chooses to be unaware when it suits him and when it makes his life easier.  Of course, as the artist,  I do not see myself as being above this.  I too will choose the path of least resistance at some point or another and indulge in the fact that sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss..

Meaning # 2
The DUBiUM Empty Head can also be interpreted as one who is not weighed down by programming, education, religion or pre-packaged notions of any kind.  He sees everything as though he sees it for the first time.  Information and ideas enter his mind and are processed in the moment without any filters or barriers.

Meaning #3
Meaning number 3 is up to you.  Your interpretation of the image might be completely different than mine and is just as valid....  ...because really, who am I to tell you what to think?

The DUBiUM Bug

In my opinion, the DUBiUM Bug symbolizes the human race and its impact on earth.  The DUBiUM Bug multiplies exponentially at an alarming rate and consumes all that stands in its path.  The Bug is highly sophisticated and capable of rational thinking but it chooses to ignore the effect it has on its surroundings.  Occupied primarily by the intoxicating effects of consumption, the DUBiUM Bug is perfectly content to simply exist  in the cozy  bubble that surrounds it..  

*DUBiUM 2010